Comprehensive Business Management

An easier and more affordable way to manage your business.

As global economies are rapidly migrating to cashless transaction methods, we are driven to provide the most cost effective and user friendly platform to allow merchants at all levels make the most of digital payments integrated with multiple payment methods, enhanced visibility and data/business intelligence.

Omni+ provides an all-in-one business management and payments platform that integrates multiple facets of the business process into an affordable and easy to use mobile app, with multiple features that enhances the ability to manage and monitor their business performance anywhere and anytime in real-time.


Our platform transforms mobile devices into an all-in-one business management and payments platform, with a wide range of options.

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simple and affordable

Our platform is cost effective and easily accessible as a download from the Play Store

seamless updates

Committed to constantly improving our platform, our users will always have an updated version of app consistent with current business and payment trends

comprehensive reporting

Our comprehensive real-time reporting equips merchants with live data to make market driven business decisions.

customer management

We understand the importance of customers to any business. Our platform grants merchants visibility on customer purchase behavior and trends.

Efficient business management

Easily manage your business from anywhere using our live reporting tools.

No hardware limitations

By eliminating the need for PoS hardware, we are able to extend cashless payments to a wider range of devices and merchants.

inventory management

Our intelligent inventory management tools allows merchants keep tabs on their most viable products.


In compliance with Environment, Safety and Governance standards, our platform provides fully digital receipts, available at anytime on a variety of digital media.

flexible options

Our platform can be white-labelled integrated and customized to support different protocols supported by multiple payment processors, acquirers and banks.

globally available

Omni+ can be downloaded globally from the Google Play store.

sales intelligence

Experience a new way of using data driven sales intelligence to make concise business decisions.

integrated reporting

Integrating sales, inventory, user and customer reports provides merchants with enhanced visibility of their business performance.


We have the ability to integrate with multi-acquirer payment technologies and platforms.


Omni+ has been designed to provide data driven business intelligence tailored to fit diverse businesses.

user friendly interface

To satisfy a wide range of merchants, we are committed to making our user interface as interactive and friendly as possible, regularly enhancing the UI/UX to satisfy our diverse user-base.


Intelligent reporting.

omni1 app

Easy to use interface.

omni1 app

Integrated payments.

Getting Started

Omni+ has been optimized to be as easy to use and user friendly as possible. Our merchant self onboarding infrastructure has made it easier for merchants to get up and running in no time.

omni1 app

Search for and download "Omni plus by GigaNet" from the Google play store or follow the link below to go directly to the Omni+ download page on the Play Store.


Omni+ can be installed on any compatible Android device (any NFC enabled Android device running Android 8.0 and above).

Experience Omni+

Complete the self onboarding process and experience the thrilling process of managing your business and receive payments using Omni+.

Watch App Video

Introducing Omni+ and Its Robust Features.

Download Omni+

Merchants can download Omni+, self onboard and start managing their business and receiving contactless payments in minimal time.

Omni+ On the Google Play store