SoftPoS Manager


Digitally transforming mobile devices into complete business management and payment tools


Payment Solutions

Our payment platform in partnership with trusted payment service providers guarantees our customers of the most efficient and cost effective mobile payment methods

Mobile Point of Sale

Transform mobile devices into fully functional PoS machines! A refreshingly new method for merchants and customers for executing transactions. Take your business to the next level using AI engineered mPoS platform.

Data Analytics

Gain more insight on business performance by transforming your sales and business data into an additional resource for better business planning, using our AI driven data analytics tools and services


Business Intelligence

Gain useful business insight on current and future business trends using our business intelligence tools. Stay ahead of the competition and respond adequately to dynamic consumer requirements

Predictive Analysis

Our AI powered predictive analytics tools and resources allows merchants analyze future business and market predictions and get equipped to respond accordingly

Consumer Purchase Trends & Analytics

Our analytics tools help merchants understand existing and future customer purchase trends and behavior in relation to time and market needs and prepare accordingly

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Our goal is to change and enhance the way merchants carry out transactions while creating an overall seamless experience for both merchants and customers alike.



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